George Dewar

This is a just a simple web page to show how to get in touch with me, and mention a couple of spare-time projects.

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I work as a full-stack software engineer, and in my spare time I also like to do a little bit of development, IoT stuff etc. I've shared a few spare-time projects here in case somebody finds them useful or interesting.

WorshipHelper for PowerPoint

WorshipHelper is a PowerPoint plugin that makes it quick and easy to prepare church service slides, which typically contain song lyrics and bible passages.

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PID Room Heater Controller

Using the PID algorithm, an Arduino and a wireless switch to control the temperature of my baby's bedroom. Featured on Hackaday.

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Electricty spot price visualisation

An interactive view of New Zealand's electricity spot prices over the past year by time of day, day of week and date.

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TradeMe Property Assistant

TradeMe Property Assistant supplements property listings on TradeMe with useful information that can help users easily make a more informed decision about whether they are interested.

Now retired as TradeMe have built these features in.